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Beginning with our most recent season, we have made our newest programs available on-line through the APPLE QUICKTIME PLAYER. Please go to the show you would like to watch and click on it to view it.

The Culture of Jesus - Episode 1
Rabbi Ken Spiro joins us as he teaches us about the oldest known engraving of scripture on two silver scrolls. While we were filming we happened to run into the archaeologist who actually made the discovery of the scrolls. We then learn about the ministry of Claude Ezagouri in Tiberias through Morningstar Fellowship. We also visit Caliber 3 to learn about aiming.

The Culture of Jesus - Episode 2
Rabbi Ken Spiro joins us again to learn about the Temple Mount. Karen visits with John Ott from the ministry of the Jerusalem Prayer Tower. Joe then goes on an adventure to sift through the temple remains with Dr. Gabriel Barkay.

The Culture of Jesus - Episode 3
Joe goes jeeping with Yaron in search of an ancient synagogue that Jesus may have attended. Karen visits with Pastor Wayne Hilsden of King of Kings Assembly in Jerusalem.

The Culture of Jesus - Episode 4
Joe visits Kfar Kedem to learn how food was made in Biblical times. He gets to milk a goat and make goat cheese. Karen visits with Vladimir from the Raven's Basket in Haifa (part of the ministry of Kehilat HaCarmel) to learn how they are reaching their community with the love of God through their feeding program. Then Joe speaks with Rabbi Ken Spiro about what modern day food is like in Israel and the meaning of kosher food.

The Culture of Jesus - Episode 5
Joe goes snorkelling with Baruch Sterman who teaches us about snails found in the Mediterranean that produce the Biblical blue dye that was used to make the blue found on prayer shawls. Karen learns about the ministry of Elijah's Cloak in Haifa (part of the ministry of Kehilat HaCarmel) who reaches out with clothing to some of Israel's most needy families.

The Culture of Jesus - Episode 6
On this episode, Joe asks the question, "What did Jesus do?" He looks at some of the tools Jesus would have used in first century times. We visit Majd at Nazareth Village to learn more about this. Karen visits with Greg Williams at King's School of Media to find out what God is doing through this amazing ministry reaching out to people in a very modern way.

The Culture of Jesus - Episode 7
Joe explores a first century mikveh with Dr. Dan Bahat and what it meant to go through this cleansing ritual. Joe also goes kayaking on the Jordan River and speaks with Shmulik Eitan about a baptismal site very close to the Jordanian border. Karen visits with Pastor David Davis from Kehilat HaCarmel in Haifa. We learn how this ministry got started as they were reaching out to drug and alcohol addicts.

Special Ministry Update - The Shelter in Eilat - John Pex
Joe Amaral and his family are on location in Eilat, Israel to learn about the Sudanese refugees that The Shelter has taken in. We speak with John Pex, the leader of this ministry and find out about what he and his wife Judy are doing to help these young men.

Special Ministry Update - Beit Sar Shalom - Brian Slater
Joe Amaral and his family help out Brian Slater with his soup kitchen in Netanya. They help with the distribution of food and clothing to Holocaust Survivors and poor immigrants.

Special Ministry Update - Various Ministries
We visit with the ministry of Kehilat Hamaayan to find out how they are reaching out in their neighbourhood. We also learn about the ministry of Elijah's Cloak Clothing Distribution (a ministry of Kehilat HaCarmel). We find out about what Sandy Shoshani is doing through Be'ad Chaim Israel Pro Life in Israel as they provide counsel and care to women who are in crisis situations. We then learn about the ministry of King of Kings Hebrew Congregation in Jerusalem. And we find out what Jerusalem Institute of Justice is doing in Israel to help some of Israel's most needy people.

Season 5 - Episode 1
Joe Amaral is on location in Jerusalem. He is given a personal tour of one of the most recent archaeological discoveries in Israel, in the ancient and historic City of David! Joe talks about a personal experience as he teaches about Jesus as the Fourth Day Messiah! Our Israel Ministry segment introduces a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Jerusalem.

Season 5 - Episode 2
We begin this program at Timna National Park near Eilat and we walk through a life size replica of the Tabernacle in the Wilderness. Joe's teaching segment focuses on what Jesus wrote in the sand as we consider the Feast of Tabernacles. Our fun segment includes Joe and his family as hey swim with dolphins in the Red Sea. We also feature the ministry of Jon Pex and the Shelter in Eilat.

Season 5 - Episode 3
In this episode we explore the great desert fortress of Masada with famed archaeologist Dr. Dan Bahat. Joe's teaches on the symbolism of living water and we get an update from the Jerusalem Institute of Justice.

Season 5 - Episode 4
This episode begins with a private tour of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem by famed Archaeologist Dr. Dan Bahat. This is impressive Church is layered with history and breathtaking architecture. Joe Amaral teaches on the significance of Mount Moriah as he shares the story of Isaac being offered up by Abraham. Our featured ministry from Israel comes the Mount Carmel assembly.

Season 5 - Episode 5
We explore more of the Church of The Holy Sepulchre with Dr. Dan Bahat.

Season 5 - Episode 6
This episode begins in Jerusalem at Ammunition Hill where we learn of an incredible act of bravery during the Six Day War of 1967. The featured teaching segment is about the mustard seed. What was Jesus really saying in light of the First Century Jewish culture? The ministry of the Peniel Learning Center in the Galilee is featured in this week's Israel Ministry segment.

Season 5 - Episode 7
This episode begins in one of the most orthodox communities in all of Israel, in Mea Shearim in north Jerusalem. We go to Manny's bookstore to learn more about Judaism and the writings found in the Talmud. Our on location teaching segment is all about the Day of Atonement and the ceremony of the two goats. We conclude with an extremely rare on-air demonstration of how to tie the Tefillin by two orthodox Jews from the Jerusalem area.

Season 5 - Episode 8
We meet with world famous Marine Archeologist Dr. Kurt Raveh. He takes us into hidden tombs along the Mediterranean Sea. Joe and Karen Amaral share a teaching on the Jewishness of Jesus and the ministry of Abundant Life in Tel Aviv is featured.

Season 5 - Episode 9
This show continues with famed archaeologist Kurt Raveh as we explore an ancient Crusader cemetery and a walk through a group of tombs. Joe and Karen teach about the Jewish Culture of Jesus and the role of the synagogue in His life. We also feature the ministry of the Nachalat Yeshua Messianic Congregation in Beer Sheva.

Season 4 - Episode 1
We begin the show with a visit to Mini Israel (a park that allows you to see all of Israel via small scale models). Joe then does a teaching in a first century tomb to help you understand one of the most misunderstood teachings of Jesus. We interview Jess Cantelon giving us the history of Christ Church in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Season 4 - Episode 2
The show begins with some off-road jeeping at Canada Park just outside Jerusalem and picking herbs along the way to make a tea like they would have made in the first century. Jess Cantelon teaches about Purim and the story of Esther. Yaron, our jeep tour guide from IYS Jeeps, then explains the meaning of Hanukkah and Joe teaches how it applies to Christians today. We end the show by jumping from making first century tea to a twenty-first cappuccino at Aroma Café.

Season 4 - Episode 3
This show continues with the jeep tour (IYS Jeeps) of Canada Park. We begin by travelling on an ancient Roman road from the first century and also visit a first century well and bath house. Then Joe walks us through the elements of the Passover Seder and explains the meanings behind their symbolism. We interview Marcel Rebiai from the Community of Reconciliation and find out how the Lord led him to this unique calling.

Season 4 - Episode 4
This episode begins in the city of Tel Aviv. Joe is given a rare opportunity to interview the coach and some players from the Hapoel Tel Aviv Soccer Club. The teaching on this episode focuses on the terms of "binding and loosing". You'll be surprised at what these terms actually meant in the first century. We highlight the ministry of the Joseph Project in part one of a two part interview.

Season 4 - Episode 5
Joe was honoured to join Israeli archaeologist Dr. Shimon Gibson as he reveals for the first time on air the location where Pontius Pilate condemned Jesus to be crucified. The theme of Pontius Pilate continues as Joe teaches on the cultural significance of the washing of the hands ritual. We conclude by airing part two of our interview with Jo Kaplan of the Joseph Project.

Season 4 - Episode 6
World famous marine archaeologist, Dr. Kurt Raveh is our featured guest. You'll be amazed as he tells us the story of how the most unlikely candidate found the largest ancient stone anchor in the world. Luke 4 takes on a whole new meaning when Joe teaches the background of the synagogue structure from the first century. Dr. Naim Khoury shares his heart and vision from the ministry of First Baptist Church in Jerusalem.

Season 4 - Episode 7
We're priviledged to be joined again by Israeli archaeologist Dr. Shimon Gibson. He gives us a rare look at an archaelogical site on Jerusalem's Mount Zion. Joe teaches on the significance of the matzah bread. We hear from the heart of Pastor Wayne Hilsden from the King of Kings Community in Jerusalem where he shares about the exciting new launch of their media ministry.

Season 4 - Episode 8
We begin with a visit to the The Armored Corps Memorial Site and Museum at Latrun. This museum is a memorial to the fallen soldiers of the Israel Defence Forces. Joe gives a tour of the many tanks on display and pays tribute to the soldiers. Joe teaches on the history of the battle for the land of Israel. Marcel Rebiai shares his vision for the only solution for true peace in the Middle East.

Season 4 - Episode 9
We are priviledged to have as our guest, famed Israeli archaeologist Dr. Dan Bahat. He takes us to the Pools of Bethesda and gives us the historical background to this very famous biblical site. Joe also teaches about the angel of the Lord and what the first century belief was about that. We feature the ministry of Israel College of the Bible.

Season 4 - Episode 10
Archaeologist, professor and author Dr. Dan Bahat joins us again to teach about the Pools of Siloam. Joe walks us through the elements of the Passover Seder — focusing on the symbolism of the middle matzah bread in the unity bag — and explains the meanings behind several of the Seder table elements. We end with a boat ride along the ancient port city of Jaffa and "try" to learn some Hebrew phrases along the way.

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